Largest Producer in the World Exposed!

The international animal protection organization Animal Equality publishes today the findings of an investigation into a French duck farm which supplies foie gras to Euralis, the largest producer in the world. Euralis owns brands 'Rougie' and 'Montfort' that are sold across Europe. Euralis also produces foie gras in Canada and sells this product throughout the U.S. under the brand 'Rougie.'

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Shocking cruelty exposed at Caracierzos Farm!

A new Animal Equality investigation exposes cruel scenes of animal suffering at Caracierzos farm, which is the second largest producer and distributor of foie gras in Spain. Caracierzos SL supplies Collverd and Martiko: Collverd commercialises foie gras on a national scale in shops and restaurants. The company also exports to France, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and China. The Director of Collverd is Jordi Terol, who is also Vice-President of Eurofoiegras (the European Committee for the foie gras industry).

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Animal Equality exposes the cruelty of the foie gras in France

Animal Equality presents a shocking new undercover investigation into the foie gras industry in the EU. Animal Equality investigators visited 4 ‘traditional’ farms located in the south west of France and 5 farms in Catalonia, Spain.

In each one of the farms visited, Animal Equality documented shocking scenes of physical violence and psychological suffering.

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We have uncovered the torture involved in the foie gras that is sold in Mugartiz – third best restaurant in the world

Olga Posse, the Owner of the foie gras farm ‘Momotegui’ admits that she kills the animals without stunning them. This way the animals will bleed to death much faster, as they are moving around and flapping their wings. Olga has stated that this process makes the foie gras, which is sold in Mugaritz, "higher quality".

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Animal Equality exposes cruelty at foie gras farms in Spain

Animal Equality has documented the entire process of production of foie gras farms in Catalonia, from when the ducklings arrive from French hatcheries only a few hours old, to where they are subjected to the force-feeding process and finally killed. We ask for the immediate closure of these operations, aswell as a prohibition of the production, supply and sale of foie gras in Spain.

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Foie gras: How much suffering can you swallow?


To be sent to: Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy.

The production of foie gras has been banned in Argentina, Austria, California (USA), Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The only European Union countries where it is permitted are Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Hungary and Spain.

Now is the time to move forward, show our respect for animals and ban this abhorrent practice. And you can make a difference.



Contact politicians and supermarket owners to tell them what you think about this cruelty.

Here are their contact details.

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Do not let this industry, which is based on animal exploitation hide what is happening from society.



When we purchase animal products, we are directly supporting the abuse of defenceless animals.

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The animals need you and so do we.

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"The struggle of the ducks to survive was something that could also be heard. The sound of their pounding feet against the metal was overwhelming. Its intensity was gradually reduced, from a great racket to a slight tinkling noise, as the animals slowly died.

I witnessed something: the kernels sprung from the crops of the ducks at the time that they were stabbed to death. The animals were literally saturated with the food that they had been forced to swallow. The scene was pretty nasty, as the corn was mixed with blood that was splattered on the walls and floor, forming a strange mixture."

— July, 26th 2011. Induànec, Bescanó (Girona).
Diary of the investigator.

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Each time we enter a farm, slaughterhouse or circus, we find the same things - frightened and helpless animals who are victims of exploitation. Learn about the vital work that our Research Team carries out.

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The Animal Equality Research Team provides high quality material to journalists so that the public can be informed about animal exploitation.

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