Videos of the investigation into foie gras farms

In this section are the videos that best represent the foie gras farms that have been investigated by the Animal Equality research team..

If, after watching the videos of foie gras farms documented by our Research Team, you conclude that the work of Animal Equality is worthwhile supporting, then please working with us NOW.

Other Animal Equality

Each time we enter a farm, slaughterhouse or circus, we find the same things - frightened and helpless animals who are victims of exploitation. Learn about the vital work that our Research Team carries out.

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Press Room
for journalists

The Animal Equality Research Team provides high quality material to journalists so that the public can be informed about animal exploitation.

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Animal Equality

Animal Equality carries out activities in the defence of animals and your help is always useful. You can contribute as an activist in many ways: events, information tables, charity events, distribution of leaflets, collection of funds, writing articles, photography…